Commonly named as the “ Gray Ghost” the Coues deer lives in the rugged mountains of North Central Mexico.

Our 5 day Coues deer hunts take place in the rolling hills of the Sonoran Desert during the months of December and January.

All hunts are fair chase tracking on foot by a previous transportation in 4 x 4 vehicles up to the hunting area. Once a trophy buck is located by glassing them, the “spot and stalk” method is used to get within shooting range, but when trail or water ponds are heavily used, a ground blind is a very good option to harvest a nice buck. We get every year a good amount of trophy bucks scoring over the 120” SCI mark. Our professional guides know perfectly the behavior of the bucks in the area and will do anything for you to have the best experience in Mexico.

We hunt in 2 locations, Sonora and Chihuahua. 

Coues Deer Photo Gallery